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Music Therapy

Therapy is a term that we often associate to the rehabilitation of one’s body, mind or spirit. Gone are the days of therapy being associated with sitting in a chair and talking about our issues and feelings. There are now different types of therapy for different needs and requirements.
One type of therapy that, despite recently gaining more of the spotlight, has been around and used for a long time is music therapy. This therapy can be used to improve overall health or specific functions. It is used to envoke emotional, mental, and spiritual senses to help improve a patient’s health. It has been proven to have a serious impact in patients’ motor skills, emotional intelligence, emotional develoption, communication skills and abilities, mental health, sensory function and overall quality of life.

How it Works

The process is more than putting headphones on and immersing ourselves in song. This type of therapy varies but a whole experience can be created using music, sounds, discussion ,literature and more.
It depends on your needs, but musical therapists are highly trained to develop programs and experiences to meet your needs and help with your personal rehabilitation or development.

Who uses music therapy?

Music therapy is arguably best known for its cognitive and mental impacts and is often used on patients with brain injuries, mental illnesses or disabilities.
Music therapy is also a common tool for children and youth with various mental and physical conditions as well as elderly patients as well.
There is no demographic that is excluded from the benefits of music therapy.

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